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Generic brand of escitalopram called Tranxene. These drugs also work by blocking the reuptake of norepinephrine and other neurotransmitters in the brain, which prevents serotonin production and thus affects the ability of a person's nervous system to handle emotions. How is escitalopram made? Escitalopram has a chemical structure that includes the amino acid tryptophan, and various structural units that combine to make the drug. amino acid tryptophan is the only ingredient in most prescription drugs, but it is excreted by the body over time. In pharmaceutical drugs which are metabolized by a bacterial enzyme called aminopeptidase, an excess of tryptophan is removed (which results in the creation of serotonin). drug is then marketed as 'Tranxene,' for the chemical compound of Tranxene. As a result, the typical amount of tryptophan left in the body after taking Tranxene is 10 percent that of the amount excreted by body after receiving serotonin for the first time. average adult has around 8 to 10 grams of tryptophan in plasma after consuming serotonin, making Tranxene a fairly easy drug to become addicted to, a problem commonly found with other drugs. Another important factor concerning how Tranxene works is that it, like other antidepressants (which can affect serotonin production in the same way that Tranxene does), contains the antidepressant, chlorpromazine. This is commonly known as Chlorpromazine-Tranxene combination, since it is commonly included as a tranxene in combination with Chlorpromazine (also known as Dilantin). is a muscle relaxant, specifically an anti-convulsion medication. antiepileptic effect has been noted with Tranx and chlorpromazine together (the mechanism of action Tranxene is largely the same, as Chlorpromazine and tranxene exert anti-depressant properties, but these drugs interact with each other in a rather unique way). One of Tranxene's side effects, which is often listed on the dosage information provided packages, is a change in mood as Tranx can cause depression, mood swings, and increased irritability. Another common side effect is dry mouth. mouth (a side effect of Chlorpromazine-Tranxene combination) causes mouth ulcers on contact, and is a symptom associated with some types Citalopram 20mg $85.25 - $0.71 Per pill of pneumonia, such as a urinary tract infection (UTI). The mouth ulcers cause very painful sores and require mouth-to-mouth activities, which could become quite difficult if not given as soon possible. If left untreated, ulcers can spread to other areas, such as the stomach and intestines, cause intestinal trouble. How long does Tranx cause problems at long-term? Short-term use of Tranx does not cause any long-term problems. This drug is usually not prescribed for prolonged periods of time, typically less than a month. At longer-term doses, where Tranx affects mood and cognition, problems can begin as early 1-3 days after starting to take Tranx and require careful monitoring for symptoms before these worsen. How to make Tranx: Traditionally, the Tranxene molecule is made from tryptophan, chlorpromazine and other chemical components. The resulting Tranx is produced using a high temperature, process called decarboxylation. Tranxene molecules are then broken down and rearranged into pieces of smaller proportions to be excreted by the Generic pharmacy store body. side effects of tranxene is the main reason why it is considered a very harmful drug, but it is not the only generic escitalopram complaints factor. For those who use TranXene in a large dose, or higher doses than prescribed, a secondary problem emerges. As noted above, Tranx causes a reduction of serotonin levels in the brain. This makes a person feel irritable and agitated—making the person far from calm as they would by a more normal amount of serotonin. The increase serotonin in brain leads to a reduction in the person's ability to feel pleasure from the external world, such as from food and other substances, this is the main reason why Tranx affects appetite so much. This phenomenon is called serotonin syndrome. Traditionally, TranXene is usually prescribed in combination with other drugs (usually antidepressants) for its anti-depression side effects. It is then often prescribed again in combination with another medication, which is often Chlorpromazine. Because TranXene causes the body to e